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Hit the road with Sodasparkle

Travel with Sodasparkle

Hit the road with Sodasparkle

We all know what it’s like packing the car up for a summer holiday or road trip – often there’s only room for the essentials so the comforts of home get left behind. But the SodaSparkle kit is so small, it’s easy to transport to the beach, lake, or mountain.  That means that you’ll have fresh, sparking water to enjoy no matter where your travels take you!


One for home, one for the bach


If you have a home away from home, such as a bach, crib, caravan or motorhome why not buy another SodaSparkle kit to keep there permanently?

That way, you won’t have to transport the kit back and forth and risk forgetting it – you’ll only need to remember to top up your chargers!

The kits are easy to store and affordable that it’s a no brainer

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