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Compact and Convenient

The SodaSparkle home soda maker kit includes a soda maker machine that is compact and portable for all the family to use. Slip the soda maker kit and a charger in your cooler bag on your next picnic for a refreshing beverage in the sun. Keep one handy in your car and always in the fridge at home.

Healthy Option

Liven up your tap water with some sparkle! Soda Sparkled water is the healthy alternative to add to your cocktail and an easy way to make your daytime hydration a bit more fun – add a squeeze of lemon to zest up your day even further.

Eco Friendly

Because our bottles can be used again and again for many years, the SodaSparkle is an environmentally friendly alternative to buying ready-made bottles and cans of soda. The SodaSparkle CO2 chargers are disposable and recyclable.

Most SodaSparkle components are made of recyclable materials:


  • Bottle Body – 1 PET
  • Bottle Base – 5 (Polypropylene)
  • Bottle Cap – 7 (ABS)
  • Empty CO2 Chargers – X (Aluminium)


All SodaSparkle bottles are BPA free. SodaSparkle is committed to ensuring that our products are safe to use and that they comply with, or exceed international standards for beverage quality.


Healthy Option

Eco Friendly

Cost Effective

Helpful information

Read more information including helpful hints and tips about the SodaSparkle home soda maker here.