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How your body benefits from lemon water

How your body benefits from lemon water

Lemon water is all the rage at the moment, so many people are getting on board and starting their day with a big glass of lemon water before their morning coffee. Some people are also substituting coffee for lemon water!

No doubt there are some benefits to this lemony water but what exactly are they? Does it make you healthier? Lets take a look.

Promotes Hydration

To prevent dehydration we all need to drink enough water throughout the day. there are so many different opinions on how much water you should drink each day but most health professionals recommend 8 glasses (which is approx. 2L)

Water is by far the best drink for hydration but some people just don’t like the taste or can’t bring them selves to drink plain water. Adding zesty lemon to your water enhances the flavour which may help you drink more.

Great source of vitamin C

Citrus fruits like lemons and limes are high in vitamin C. This is a strong antioxidant that can help strengthen your body’s natural defenses.  Increased vitamin C in your system may reduce blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease and boost your immune system by helping white blood cells function better.

Improves Skin Quality

The vitamin C in lemon also helps keep your skin smooth, toned and tight. The antioxidant also motivates your poses to close and tighten, making your skin firmer and visibly tighter.

Lemon water is also considered as a great anti-aging solution for its ability to repair damaged skin cells, reduce appearance of lines, wrinkles, blemishes and even dark acne scars.

Sugar free fizzy alternative

The flavour possibilities are endless! Use your lemon water as a base and try out a few of the following body loving combinations

Lemon and Chia Seeds –  Chia seeds keep you fuller for longer and are super fun to chew on as you drink.

Lemon and Raw Manuka Honey –  Manuka honey is known for its health benefits including aiding digestion and soothing sore throats.

Lemon and Ginger – Ginger can relieve nausea, loss of appetite and motion sickness.

Lemon and Turmeric – Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant.


There are so many benefits to drinking lemon water. Aside from the lemon aspect, our bodies need to stay hydrated so adding lemon and other health goodies is basically a win win!

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